What are ​alibi drinks?

Lightly sparkling, fruit juice blends packed full of 19 essential vitamins, minerals and natural herbal extracts.

What do they do?

They help to replenish, hydrate and support your body's natural defences​.​

Introducing the latest alibi blend



Alibi is made with natural fruit juices and comes in three light and refreshing flavours:

ORIGINAL CITRUS - dry and crisp with subtle hints of grapefruit
SUPERFRUIT POMEGRANATE - sweet and juicy with fresh blackcurrant notes
SUPERFRUIT BLUEBERRY - fresh and complex with light raspberry notes



Alibi’s naturally sweetened with Stevia*, the calorie-free leaf extract, which means that it’s 99kcals come from 100% fruit.

Fact: Alibi contains as little sugar as one apple!



Each can of Alibi contains your recommended daily allowance of 10 essential vitamins including the B vitamin complex (B1,B3,B5,B6,B7,B9,B12) which helps to slowly release energy from food and the Antioxidant vitamins (C,D,E and K) which help to protect your body cells.

FACT: Alibi’s packed with over two and a half times the vitamin content of leading vitamin waters!



Essential for the maintenance of your body’s hydration levels and the regulation of your body’s blood pressure, Alibi contains mineral electrolytes Potassium (10%RDA) and Calcium (6%RDA) plus the Antioxidant Selenium (33%RDA) which is proven to help protect your body’s cells.

FACT: Alibi’s packed with twice the mineral levels of leading isotonic sports drinks brands!



Widely believed to help promote toxin elimination and cleanse the body, Alibi contains a proprietary blend of 5 natural herbal extracts.

Milk Thistle (400mg) - liver detoxification
Dandelion Leaf (400mg) - body purification
Sarsaparilla (400mg) - toxin elimination
Schizandra (400mg) - stress relief
Artichoke (400mg) - nausea reduction



Alibi is the first European health drinks brand to pioneer the natural immunity defence ingredient from the US - Wellmune beta glucan (100mg).

Wellmune is a natural food and beverage ingredient clinically proven to boost the immune system and help keep your body healthy.

Fact: Beta Glucan has had over $300m research and development behind it!

Free from

free from

Alibi free from tick box Caffeine
Alibi free from tick box Stimulants
Alibi free from tick box Refined Sugars
Alibi free from tick box Preservatives
Alibi free from tick box Artificial ingredients

nutritional info

nutritional info

pEr 100ml:

Energy 128kl/ 30Kcal
Protein 0.01g
Carbohydrates 7.5g (sugar 7.4g)
Fat 0.02g
Sat Fat trace
Fibre trace
Sodium 7mg

Alibi's sweetness comes from only natural fruit juices and the natural plant extract, Stevia


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